Do you non professionals still use DSLR's? And why?

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Re: Living in the past?

RedFox88 wrote:

Those are nice numbers, but the quality of focus, image sensor/lens clarity are much different from an SLR to a P&S superzoom.

Hmm, are you sure you shoot action photography? Image stabilization is of little to no use for action photos because shutter speed are needed to be fast enough to freeze action which will also eliminate camera shake.

And you can always slap a better, higher quality lens on an SLR but with a P&S camera you are stuck with the lens that's on it. A teleconverter on a P&S isn't worth it for the results.

Yes, I shoot action photography

A lot of it is at airshows. It's outdoors and there is typically good light for fast shutter shutter speeds without needing to bump the ISO much. And regarding IS (in addition to what Midwest and Donald B said above) - when shooting propellor-driven planes rather than jets, high shutter speeds are a No-No anyway: You get a frozen propeller, which looks unnatural - as if the plane's engine stopped and the plane is about to fall out of the sky. It needs slow shutter speeds (no more than 1/320, and preferably a lot slower) to get a pleasing motion-blur on the propeller, and this requires developing a good panning technique more than anything, instead of relying on a fast shutter speed.

Having said that, I also shoot other types of action including indoor ice skating - and I have not had problems freezing action, keeping to about ISO800 and still getting decent (by my standards!) shots. But again, it could be that lots of practice on my panning technique is helping with that... versus just P&S after setting a high super shutter speed.

Although I find I can freeze the action, I'll often deliberately slow the shutter to add a little motion blur in the background, feet or hands, to get a more "dynamic" shot that preserves a sense of the speed and motion of the subject. Of course, that's not to everyone's taste though.

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