What has happened to Nikon?

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Re: What has happened to Nikon?


what a unproductive thread you created Robert ...almost as unproductive as my reply

Well, my feeling is that it ADDS up. These threads are read by MANY people. And they talk to others; friends, fellow shooters and store owners and online sellers. On top of that Nikon pays a pretty penny to view online feedback for their products.

These discussions are very much part of the Nikon image. Fans may not like it, but the truth of the matter is that Nikon's image is tarnished at the moment. And it may get worse before it gets better.

But I don't think working around a products deficiencies does any good at all.

I own a Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland with an air suspension. It cost nearly 50K. I chose it over the Audi Q7 because it is better in the snow. There is a rattle sound in the sunroof. I brought it the problem up on a forum and the same thing happened...the two responses....

"Oh, big deal. Cars develop rattles and even my new Mercedes has a few rattles. Live with it and move on with your life and turn the radio up!"


"You paid 50K for a new truck and it has a warranty. I also had a rattle and they finally fixed it, but the first two times they actually made it worse!"

So after reading posts like that I was ALMOST ready to let it go. It's a beautiful luxurious Overland and it's already gotten me through silly amounts of snow this season.

But I took it to the dealer and the guy said, "You shouldn't have any rattles." Wow. I was happy to hear THAT and we had a nice talk about QC, which is actually pretty good for the new high end jeeps.

And the 50K has nothing at all to with it. He explained: Jeep will LOSE money every time they repair a rattle that wasn't caught at the factory. And some people will read forum posts like mine and buy something else entirely.

In the final analysis I do believe threads like this matter beyond people venting.


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