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Intel on quality, and why Nikon benchmarked with us:  We learned big time from the floating point unit flaw, a $400 Million mistake.  Read about it in Andry Grove's "Only the Paranoid Survive."

Oh yes there had been bugs in some product releases.  I never claimed there weren't any.  You are talking about 45 nanometer manufacturing, soon 22 nanometer manufacturing.  Nikon's D600 does not possess nanometer technology.  They had more room to get the packaging right.  When Apple demanded the MacBook Air, did you know how much time they gave Intel engineers to get it right?

There is a packaging defect in a product that was rated gold.  To this day Nikon is not able to offer an unconditional statement that the packaging has been fixed or modified.

The fact remains - they rushed a full-frame DSLR into production and then compelled consumers to bear the brunt.  The point here is - how can you give gold to a camera that came in a defective packaging technology?  Never mind if the 6D got a silver.  You DPR reviewers - have you deliberately talked about how your rating and assessment methodology should likewise scale to the evolving times, how it should be modified beyond just offering more convenience in comparing JPEGS of various camera models?

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