X20 vs X10 vs XZ-2 vs MX-1

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Re: X20 vs X10 vs XZ-2 vs MX-1

Pardon my ignorance. Those are nice images but upon closer inspection (after blowing up the images), it appears that there is quite a bit of noise in the first picture, especially on the lined-up cabins on the left, and the colours appear to be quite saturated and vivid. May I ask if these images are original straight out from the camera, or they are edited in Photoshop?


NickPix wrote:

I bought an MX-1 ...had it for a week or so, very pleased with it :

PENTAX MX-1 Hove Seafront

PENTAX MX-1 South Coast HDR


More on Pentax forum for those interested, and samples at my site :


Why Pentax ? Unhappy with other things I'd tried, including 2 Fujis :

  • Love Fuji colour, returned X10 (too clunky, minute VF) ...reminded me of my Kiev 1955, not in a good way. Shame.
  • Canon S90 was good, nice results from raw files ...but no changeable aspect ratios became an annoyance when composing images
  • Panasonic LX3 was great for switchable aspect ratios on the fly ...but awful colour shifts though, awkward to sort even in raw processing
  • Recent XF-1 ...build quality on the one I received in the doldrums ...returned pronto, before it fell apart in my hands. Shame.

Pentax MX-1 :

  • Not Canikon
  • No Panasonic compact colour weirdness- just accurate rendition, great wb
  • Well-designed, well thought-out features
  • Great image quality/stunning fast lens/great IS/usable in-cam processing, filters,films sims etc etc
  • All aspect ratios covered : 4:3 (if you must), 3:2, 16:9 (yes!) and 1:1
  • Great handling
  • That screen/great video (if you want that)/right size & weight
  • Available now (here in UK) ...suggest you give it serious consideration - highly recommended



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