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Re: Qimage for Printing vs LR4

IndyFab wrote:

stevewmn wrote:

As a novice at the art of making high quality prints from my photos I find QImage to be a great tool to do the print sharpening and scaling for me. So I concentrate on getting the best image from my raw files using Lightroom or sometimes another raw image processor. Then I output a high quality JPG at full resolution in AdobeRGB or ProPhotoRGB color space and bring it up in QImage for printing, then print with QImage managing color profiles for my printer. I understand that if you really dig into the print sharpening tools in Lightroom and image scaling in Photoshop you can get identical output but I really like what I get with QI.

Umm, are you saying you cant scale in LR, as I never printed from LR and at this point never used the print module there. When you say scaling, I presume that means getting image to desired size.

Getting the image to the proper size for printing is a complex task. You need to know your printer resolution and how to use sharpening and upscaling tools correctly to get the best image. QImage does a very good job of doing that with its default settings. If/When you get around to testing QImage take an image that has a lot of fine detail in it, which at its native resolution works out to be about 200 DPI at your print size. Print it with QImage using settings similar to what I embedded below and print it with LR4 using whatever print sharpening seems right and compare the results.

My QImage image settings:

These are just about the default settings for my version of QImage Ultimate, which is last years version.

Oh, and as for RAW conversion I still use Lightroom for the most part. LR gives you a very good image most of the time. There are other RAW tools that will sometimes extract a bit more image data but that's another topic.

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