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Re: On cultish statements...

In an interview with Zeiss, the interviewer challenged Zeiss as to why their lenses were always expensive high end products.

Why didn't they make a cheaper range.

The spokesman replied that Zeiss make the best lenses they know how, then price them to be profitable. He said that the interviewer was asking zeiss to make lenses that were of lower quality and they were not prepared to do that, despite the demand.

In the film era, Nikon were very reluctant to produce a lower cost range. They eventually produced the E system but they clearly weren't happy about doing so and designed them with specs that essentially boxed them into a separate market that didn't interfere with the main brand.

I suspect the reason the mainstream Japanese makers won't abandon the AA filter is that they know the tiny gains will be much outweighed by the complaints they will get about artefacts.

The marketing of the D800e is falling over backwards to say "Buy the D800, not the e, unless you really, really know what you will get. We don't want your complaints..."

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