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People keep saying that the next E is well within established product cycles, but they forget that it's not the successor to a single model we are waiting for, but successors for all 4/3rds models. Olympus conspicuously stopped developing 4/3rds from their budget, middle, and top cameras, lenses, flashes, and absolutely anything to do with 4/3rds.

Nothing at all for the last 2+ years.

There is some evidence that they might consider producing another 4/3rds model ... but releasing one model will satisfy only one kind of shooter. What kind of shooter will be the winner, I wonder? Did you best like the E420 or the E5? Or perhaps the E30? Or, (as all really intelligent, athletic and sexy people really desire) the E1 successor. That last one is years overdue.

If they want 4/3rds to 'be as it was in the past' then they need several new models. They used to release at least one (usually two or three) every year until m4/3rds appeared.

If we could take pictures with Oly's words, all would be well.

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