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John King wrote:

Gidday Don

You appear to be having a problem where none exists ...

Of course I want the new cameras to be the very best that can be made.

To suggest otherwise is like suggesting that I want Olympus to make a direct replacement for my E-510. BTW, I don't ... Much as I like my E-510, things have moved on.

I also want accurate AF, not blindingly fast but inaccurate, as some have said after changing to other brands for this very reason.

Equally, I do not want Olympus to pursue cameras with terrific "headline" figures and specs at the cost of the balance that I expect from Olympus. That is to say, whatever is produced should still do everything well, not just some things well.

Hi John, the point ist that it' not about what you want or what I want. I wrote that can live with the C-AF of my E-30. We are Oly enthusiasts and know what we get.

It's about what the market wants and what has to be met to turn a new DSLR campaign into a profitable project.

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I wish I was an OLYgarch

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