Just one version of Windows 8?

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I use a Mac for most things, but recently I needed to get a PC to run a Windows only bit of software.

The computer came with OS8 installed. I have to say as a computing experience I think it dreadful, it's trying to turn the computer into a smartphone, it keeps wanting to send me shopping via various adverts it calls apps.

Many, if not most, computers come with software installed that wants you to buy full versions. This is nothing new, just maybe a different angle wanting you to buy stuff since many a computer user will only migrate to free internet programs.

There must be something like a Pro version of this that gets rid of all the junk if you don't want it.

Presumably Microsoft gets some kind of kickback for trying to get you to constantly click links, not what I want out of a work tool.

They were probably paid upfront to include any sales programs on your system, see above.


This is so spot on


Do you also get flummoxed by your toaster?

I'd imagine life must be very difficult and frightening for you.

I did not make that video. It just sums up the mess that 8 is. It's a great bit of design that in order to get it to work efficiently you need to find out how to turn off all those new "features".

Swipe has to be off or the computer is unusable, not a little bit inconvenient, but totally unusable.

Here is another unexpected conundrum I'm having.

I run one program, it streams realtime data, it does not store the data. I don't use mail or surf the net with it. One program running all by itself. What do I keep getting, your computer is running low on memory, it thinks I'm running to many programs.

Constant popups from Norton and other stuff I don't want, I thought had been disabled. And how do you stop the computer from switching itself off to do yet another up-date? You should not have to ask the question, no way should it decide it's going to shut down when you are using it.

My power book frequently runs Final Cut X, Aperture, After Effects, sends and receives mail and has a live realtime data stream running all at te same time. Never ever had a message telling me I'm running out of memory.

I thought with a new PC and the latest software the ability to run programs unhindered you could take for granted. The fact running just one program is stretching it's ability I find astonishing.

Samsung Ultra series 5 if anyone is interested.

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