who wants to make a bet - I buy and disassemble Oly camera w/ 16mp sensor

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Re: More 9 complains. Next time I will Lock the thread. / No text.

Detail Man wrote:

jalywol wrote:

Mike Ronesia wrote:

Why would anyone complain? I don't care who makes the sensor in any of the cameras, but if others do and want to argue about it I say let them. Isn't that the definition of "forum"? It's a shame to break a working unit if you ask me.

I have the same take on it as you do, so I have no idea why people are complaining about it.

No access to information regarding the nature of those complaints ? Does that mean that only the moderator who views the complaints when made has any information about them ? The present "multi-button menu" complaint system is indeed rather limited in it's informational coherence. Reminds me more of ordering fast-food than a system designed to actually be informative about complaints.

Well I am going to complain about the incorrect use of apostrophe in this post, but that's the burden of being a pedant.

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