What has happened to Nikon?

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Re: What has happened to Nikon? Kudos or quarrel ..devil's advocate

Shotcents wrote:

And before the fanboys react and attack me I'm venting here! It's a valid set of observations for a group forum to DISCUSS Nikon gear. If your cameras work better than your last, GREAT. I'm seriously glad to hear about it. But, as many of us honest folk will admit, all is not well in Nikon-Land. Let's keep this civil and mature. This is MY view.

Up until the D800 my life with Nikon was just about perfect. How perfect? Well, I spent 25K or more EASILY on Nikon cameras and lenses, starting with the D70, D50, D80, and then jumping into the D300, D3, D700, multiple bodies and flashes and two kits I was always comfortable using.

Enter the D800. At first things seem okay, but over the months I was less and less secure with the AF. It was CLEARLY less reliable than the D700 in challenging situations. My friends staunchly defended the D800 (and D4), but one by one they ended up with the same feeling. About half of us sent our cameras back.

My 1st D800 suffers from a MILD left AF issue. I'm sure a lot of people wish their issue was as mild as mine because I've seen far worse. My 2nd D800 was terrible. Left and right side were WAY off. I returned it.

Through various techniques and generally using ONLY the center AF point along with using the AF-ON focus technique, I get fairly reliable results. Images are wonderful, but I don't have that warm feeling I had with the D700 or D3. Some of my friends, who shoot weddings, have abandoned the D800 completely.

NONE of us will buy another D800.

Enter the D600. I DON'T HAVE ONE. But a lot of my friends jumped. Why not? Lower cost high MP second body! It's a nice dream. But what the heck!? Oil on the sensor? Silly amounts of dust along with it. Wet cleanings every other week?

And you can go to ANY major forum and hear about folks trying to get these cameras serviced. We're NOT talking about a small group. Cameras go back 2 or 3 times. Some owners are BLAMED by Nikon and charged. What the deuce?!, as Stewie would say!

So where has this left me? I'll think LONG and hard before buying the next DXXX. I'm absolutely terrified to return my D800 for service. Nikon stock is way down, just like their online reputation. It's a great time for photography, but you have to hope for a good camera in the box as never before.

My D800 is the best DSLR I've owned. But it's also been the worst; fussy, inconsistent and slow. It feels like a work-in-progress. Naturally others will jump in and claim their D800 cameras are perfect, better than sex and whatever. But, as someone else pointed out: Somewhere between the fanboys and the disgruntled owners with bad cameras lies the truth.



My first view is taking the 'QC is paramount position'.

Now, stepping back a bit and taking the view that there is bound to be some issues in large mass production and the Lensrental's summary of camera and lens 'issues' shows that Nikon, even if marginally worse percentage wise from Canon is not above 10 percent issue (some minor like battery door)...... (apart from Nikon's service time which is extraordinarily long vs Canon and clearly unacceptable). But focusing on 'initial quality'..

And, bearing in mind that Nikon has brought the FF cameras down heavily in price.

My question is, does Nikon deserve praise or quarrel?

I think the 'choice' of answer will fall into two categories:

- they have done a great job and some QC issues are expected, even at say 10% of all sales. Bearing in mind price, they have done a great job at bringing what they have brought OR

- at 1,500 + , electronic component products are high end and should have even lower fault rates and therefore the issues experienced by the few should be even lower.

I think it falls whether one has been 'hit' or not by a faulty body or lens.

There is no doubt from what I read the biggest issue is 'communication and customer service fall down', whereby a company can manage issues to good resolution, moreso than actual QC issues. but note per Lensrentals analysis, that some of those in the reported issue causes are very minor.

That and the parts provision issue are very strange, from a leading company in its industry. Incomprehensible really.

That aside, now we live in an era of built in obsolence, whether one agrees or not. Reailty is that one can buy a used DSLR body from 10+ years ago and its still working. Doubt one will be able to say the same about some mirrorless and lower end products. Is DSLR production and sales catching up, to be able to provide products at a lower pricepoint?

Canon's prices for the 5DMKIII are higher than D800. Would consumers accept the additional cost for that extra iota of QC? Same for D600?

In summary I think that we are looking at a difficult balance of pragmatic production and initial sales policy, consumer expectations that every product should be perfect at pricepoint and maybe the only 'REAL' falldown by the company, a very unaccetable issue resolution approach and process times that needs to be amended, that is probably more serious than the rest?

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.....Just from an amateur......''Sometimes it's to your advantage for people to think you're crazy.” I am only a hoobyist, I cannot and do not give expert advice, dont expect it, just take it as a suggestion to think about, but only if you wish to. We should try to not wait for life to happen, while it passes us by.

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