Help with importing into a specific location in LR4 please

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Re: Help with importing into a specific location in LR4 please

LR does not (yet) have a method of filtering or sorting the images presented in its Import screen, by filetype (I think it would be a good idea, also by creation date, etc).

If you can generate your TIFF files with a filename that sorts differently, you can sort the Import screen by filename and at least group those together for easier selection.

If you don't want to manually highlight the thumbnails you wish to include, you would need to either create your TIFFs into a different folder in the first place, or else make use of your OS file browser's ability to sort images by creation date / filetype, to then separate them into different folders yourself - so that LR sees a folder with files of only one type.

The reason your files are being duplicated, is because you have got "Copy" selected at the top of the Import window. "Move" moves files without duplicating them, and "Add" simply imports them where they are.

The "destination" panel at the right hand side includes manual subfolder options at the top, and just below that, an "organize" selector which controls the auto-creation of subfolders by various rules (unless "into one folder" is selected). These only relate to "Move" and to "Copy" - and this is most helpful when bringing pictures into the computer in the first place, from camera card.

However, if you use the "Add" option then this entire "destination" panel is simply disabled. So if some image types are going to fail to import (for now, until LR does support them directly) then - presumably - there will be no adverse problem if LR has them highlighted anyway?

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