Do you non professionals still use DSLR's? And why?

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Re: Do you non professionals still use DSLR's? And why?

Nope. I use m4/3s.

The original reason why is because I was using 4/3s and was able to use my adapted lenses on m4/3s.

Since then I've found a few more reasons why I'm happy to be using m4/3s.

The main one if versatility. If I want to go and "do photography" then I can take everything in a fairly small bag. This gets me lenses from 12-300mm (24 - 600 in FF fov), a macro lens, flashes, a fish eye lens. A spare body (The old E520) and enough food and water for a good day.

If I want to take the camera to university, or work, then that also becomes an easy option. In an STM Scout I can take my iPad, papers and pens and the OM-D, 60mm Macro, 12-50mm kit lens, 8mm fisheye, and a flash.

I have ended up using the OM-D almost exclusively. I thought I'd use the DSLR for BIF and other action shots, but now I've set the OM-D up like the DSLR I'm happier using that. It feels like there's less lag between focus to shutter. Mostly subjective. I haven't tried to measure that, but I did notice that with BIF the DSLR would focus just behind them, in S-AF mode, if the bird was flying straight at me, whereas the OM-D seemed to do better.'s gear's gear list
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