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MX-1 / 1 week in

My (black) MX-1 arrived a week or so ago ...really enjoying it so far, despite less-than-ideal weather and distinct shortage of time lately ...and here are a few images for those considering buying one. A few thoughts so far :

  • AWB works really well, and has been well thought-out. For pre-set WB, there's even a 'yellow-reduction' feature for the Tungsten setting.
  • The fast lens is superb, especially in tandem with an effective IS system - sharp, detailed images are the result.
  • That screen - excellent, and I'm using its adjustability much more than expected. Surprised so many other higher-quality compacts don't have that - a definite plus.
  • 'User' setting is very useful - I set mine for Av, etc etc in 16:9 aspect, and my 'Av' dial setting has my preferred settings in 3:2 or 4:3 (or 1:1) of the aspects I really liked on my LX3, continued on LX5/7 ...but :
  • Colour rendition from the MX-1 is streets ahead of anything I could manage with LX3. Colours look 'right', no strange shifts like the Panasonic I had that could be very awkward to correct even in raw files.
  • The ability to process raw files - or jpegs - after the fact, with such flexinilty, is a hugely creative way of working, with instant results, time saved sitting with a pc, and gives fast options that one may not normally consider. The effects are again well thought-out, and work very well.
  • AF is fast and true problems at all, highly accurate
  • The screen colour rendition (rather than that of the image recorded) can even be changed - I've never come across this previously, and could be a useful feature for some.
  • Handling is excellent - right size, right weight ...there is no 'weight issue', unless you expected a cheap-plastic-feeling' camera. Build quality is A grade.

And a couple of things that are worth a note, but very far from deal-breaking :

I was slightly surprised that between shots, a 'Data is being recorded' message appears, so shot-to-shot time is not instant...then again, detailed raw file recording takes a little time in a compact, and it's nothing like as slow as my DP-1 !

At least one spare battery is somethng I always buy for any camera I own. I bought an 'Ex-Pro' branded version on Amazon, which is an 'equivalent'. Fits the charger, and charges, but doesn't fit the camera. Weird, and that brand is definitely best-avoided. The other non-original brands I'm sure would be ok.

There's so far no official Pentax case for the MX-1. It's dimensions demand a slightly diferent sized/shaped case from the norm, and it would have been thoughtful for Pentax to do the whole thing properly. Apart from user-convenience, do they not get the 'add-on' sales potential of bothering to make one available ?

<a href=>

Overall, a superb compact - my best yet - that is genuinely enjoyable and fun to use, and with stunning output. Just do it. A few early MX-1 samples at my site below. (dpr image preview doesn't allow checking before posting anymore, since the 'update' - oh well...pls see site for images)



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