Qimage for Printing vs LR4

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Re: Qimage for Printing vs LR4

Hugowolf wrote:

Here is my personal take on QImage:

If you are mostly printing your own images and most of the time you are printing one image per sheet, then QImage isn’t worth the extra workflow step involved. QIamge’s user interface isn’t great, and that is putting it mildly.

If you are often printing for others or often need multiple images per sheet/roll space, then QImage is definitely worth looking at.

Or to put it another way, what in particular about Lightroom’s print module do you find currently lacking for your workflow?

Brian A

I understand what you are saying with regards to Qimage... and printing for yourself or others.

I think to put things into perspective, on a couple different occasions LR users commented that they prefer to use Qimage for various reasons. However with that said, if they print the same quality, and since I presently only have LR4, I have no objection to use that, to first see if that workflow works for me.

Actually tonight was my first visit into the print module in LR. So I am in for learning curve to set it up properly to use it to print. I'm in for a bit of reading, so I dont screw things up. I only received my printer from a vendor yesterday.

I know I have to let LR do the color managing and not the printer, I am also aware I need to calibrate my monitor, and enter the icc codes for the paper you plan to use, but as far as the print module, I dont know my way around it, as I do the Library and Develop module. So I am going to have to read the chapter on that module to get familiar, if I have questions, and I am sure I will, I'll most definatley be asking for assistance here.

Thanks again for all your help in the past Brian and everyone else who has commented.

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