Who Do We Trust for Bottled Printer Ink

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Re: Who Do We Trust for Bottled Printer Ink

irvweiner wrote:

Dusty...... I find it some what incredulous to believe that as a Senior Member with over 2300 posts you are not aware of the many posts in this printer forum listing in detail the answers to your 'questions'.

Yes , I understand the point you bring up . I did a couple of searches using key words , Like Ink , bottled ink , refill ink etc. but nothing useful was found . I too recall other threads on the subject but nothing was found on the search .

DO a search on this forum not just for 'inks' but for several members of this forum that have contributed significant time continuously posting such info and answers to those who jump in and never notice a posting listed that same day!

Names: petruska, fft81, jtoolman, apotheker, rainwater, irvweiner, bob collette, steve bingham, phil hill, hugowolf.............................etc

I have listed sources, URL's, part #'s, prices, phone #'s and how-2's!!!

Let your fingers do the walking, irv weiner

I was not being intentionally abusive to the forum or to any of the members here . I was just asking for some good guidance and advice and experience of others , which as we know can develop and change over time . Businesses come and go economic conditions change and I have not kept current with ink suppliers and prices .

It is sometimes good to bring an old subject up for more usable and current information .

I kind of thought this was allowed here .

So let me apologize again for the trouble and distress I have somewhat created here .

And to the silent but also disgruntled along with the communicative , I genuinely hope there is no hard feelings . I do greatly appreciate the info I received here and I have ordered ink from


which I probably would have never found without all of the help here and the recommendation of Vernon .

Five 120 ml bottles at a very good price and there will be a separate syringe for each color .

Just do not know if the printer will block the use of the installed tanks . It is a Canon iP3600 .


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