Are there no comments about V2 camera?

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Re: Are there no comments about V2 camera?

Lasse Eisele wrote:

Jimmy jang Boo wrote:

petegiu wrote:

SunnyFlorida wrote:

At a retail price of $749 ~ $850, the V2's are sitting on the shelf collecting dust, in October of this year the'll go on a fire sale at $299 and you'll the V2 forum activity pick up

I agree with you,Nikon's peolpe learning the lesson after V1 price drop!


As are Pentax people. Remember the Pentax Q? It was initially priced higher than the V1, and now it can be had for even less (considerably less) than a V1! Sunny Florida can tell you all about the Pentax Q. He has one and he can be found in the Pentax Forum when not trolling here.

Another sore point for Pentax people is the other Pentax mirrorless known as the K-01. It came in very price heavy and nobody wanted it; probably because it reeks ugly... is as big as a DSLR... and doesn't come with a VF. This is another camera Sunny Florida aspires to own.

Sorry for the rant, but Sunny Florida has a habit of posting here and adding nothing to the conversation. Somebody had to do it, and now maybe he'll just stick to the Pentax Forum.

Troll or not, I think his comment was pretty accurate. The V2 isn't selling well and I'm personally waiting for the inevitable price drop. I bought a V1 a year ago, long before the massive price reductions. Won't make the same mistake again (not complaining though, I have had a lot of fun with my V1).

I have to agree that the K-01 is ugly, and it made me considering selling my Pentax stuff for the first time, ever. The performance of the K-01 isn't that bad, nor is the Q series, considering its very small sensor (far smaller than V1's). So thanks to superb V1, and the K-01, I am now almost 100% in Nikon land, with a D600 away for servicing (oil on the sensor, just as so many K-5s had/have).

And I will most likely buy a V2 when the price drops (bought the V1 at its introduction).

Or a V3 ...

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