What has happened to Nikon?

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I know a lot of people here will hate me...

...but letting people air out their grievances in this forum is part and parcel of what a forum is, and punishing those who speak up is just a cheap shot. I don't want Nikon to be pummeled or bashed. I too have a small fortune invested in their glass and bodies. But, if there are genuine bitch bites I don't think there is anything wrong with people voicing them. I love the "you don't know what you're doing with our camera" line. Talk about a blatant insult. I am sure even the best pros here have a thing or two they learn with almost every shoot. How many of us go on an assignment and think to ourselves, privately, 'holy cow, I never knew this or that'? Point is if we allow the members here to flush out everything, without ripping their faces off in some vane and indignant judgmental attach, we all might 'grow' in the process. And, if some repeat what we already know, so what? I, for one, have no time to read every thread and every reply. Sometimes, we just need a fast track reply to our feelings. As for Canon: anyone here thinking it is any better over there is just being a fool. Nikon will pull it together.... Imagine how screwed up you'd be if your world had just been rolled over by a tsunami? I am as hard-bitten as the next guy, but even I can see that Nikon is pumping out crazy innovative stuff, albeit in need of some TLC, in the face of a major disaster. Are Japanese companies bent on profiteering? Absolutely. Is anyone here not trying to make as much as they can? Food for thought is all I say.

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