Why no GPS on EM-5?

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Re: Why no GPS on EM-5?

Francis E wrote:

I don't want to complain, or ask what the best way of overcoming the lack is. I'm just wondering why it's not included. If I can have GPS on my iPhone 4, you wouldn't think it's a complicated matter.

I guess, too, that there's a reason why my Pentax K5 needs an attachment as opposed to the GPS being built in.

Well you have answered your own question.

As you have GPS on your iphone 4, you can buy a US$3 app which will give you GPS on the EM5 - such as GPS4cam or geotagphotos.

Now building it into the EM5 will certainly add (1) cost, maybe up to US$100 (2) diminish battery life (3) not be easy - your phone is built for communication, your camera has an aluminium body that acts as a Farraday cage (4) may not be that accurate - in that if it seeks a GPS position each time you press the shutter it might take several seconds to find one by which time you might have moved (5) And is less accurate because cellualr networks can use cellular base stations to triangulate positions to help in locating position.

But what you should really ask yourself is this. If you have an iphone 4 and an EM5 and you havent worked out how to have GPS on your EM5, you really have to be 1) either too technically incompetent to operate GPS if you had it or 2) you dont actually value it in the first place.

But the simple answer is that they dont put it cameras because the people who VALUE GPS already HAVE it in their PHONES.

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