Bought a 5D, where is this light leak coming from?

Started Feb 15, 2013 | Discussions thread
Jason Rickerby Contributing Member • Posts: 712
Had this on my 20D.

Tuxon wrote:

I don't think I like that feature. I wonder if it is caused by that LED staying on. Like I said the 20D doesn't have the problem. Then again it isn't going to be very often I am doing 5 minutes exposures. Canon said to send it in for service. I don't think so at this time.

When doing long exposures without Long Exposure Noise Reduction (dark frames), I certainly had visible amplifier heat noise on my 20D, but it was more to the lower right corner. Less obvious on the 40D. Haven't tested the 5D3 yet.

There's a reason that most astrophotography cameras have active cooling (peltier plate, heatsink, fan, etc.) and can shutdown the read-out electronics when they're not in use.

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