Do you non professionals still use DSLR's? And why?

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Re: uhm, why not?

tko wrote:

So I can save a few pounds? Do you pick your golf clubs based on how much they weigh, or by how much they improve your game?

A hobby shouldn't be based on convenience. It should be based on passion.

I attended a "Nikon School" seminar years ago (before I became a Nikon user).  They did a 15-min presentation on what you can do with a 600/4.  At the end, they said that a couple years prior, they were criticized by an attendee for wasting valuable time talking about a lens that "costs more than a small car".  Their reply: "Do you NEED a small car ?"  They went on to explain their point, which is that while the 600/4 is extreme and not for most people, if it's important enough to your photography, then you prioritize.  Drive that old car a few years longer, etc.

So yeah, sometimes we're "tourists" according to Kevin Spacey, but it really would be sad to settle just because of how we think we look when using our cameras.  (Heck, we're outnumbered by people who don't seem to be bothered by how they look photographing with iPads !)

- Dennis

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