smallest camera bag for Nikon 1 V1 with 10-30 lens?

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Re: smallest camera bag for Nikon 1 V1 with 10-30 lens?

I think we should have a case thread.

For my J1, I just got the Olympus Pen "casual" case.  It is a slightly smaller, more compact version of the Edit 100, without the side pockets or the handle.  It is a little less padded than the Edit 100, but it seems padded enough to me.  The belt loop is not as sturdy as the Edit.  Inside, although smaller, it seems to have a little more room.  The price of both is so low, I might keep both and use the Edit when I need to carry more stuff.  For a larger Lowepro bag, the Edit 100 is strangely inexpensive. Very cheap at Target, free shipping with a Target card.

I also looked at the Rezo 60, which is a little more compact than the Olympus bag.  Opening the bag with the zippers is not nearly as easy as with the Oly or the Edit.

Target sells a Golla CG1111 bag.  It is wider than these others, but not as deep. The zipper is large, which makes it really easy to open. Just about as easy as a flap. An interesting option.

Hope this helps.

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