"Anti gun people can NOT defeat this video"

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Re: Feux argument since guns exists Mentor.

lylejk wrote:

Proven fact that criminals don't obey laws (hence they are criminals) and more then THAN too many have unregistered guns. Here's some notes as to why Canada may not have such issues. First, your population is far less then ours, but more importantly, it's too d@mn cold in Canada. The U.S. has a warmer climate and have more incidences. Mexico is even warmer and look how many die to primarily gun violence there (over 30K in 5 years due to the cartels). Moral of the story? Sometimes it's good to be a frozen turd. ;;-)

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You have just blown me away with your logic Lyle, I'm afraid there is no way I can compete with that unless I feckin decapitate myself. Way to go there lad, you're a winner for sure.

Ps: than, not then, your grammar sucks the big one.

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