Do you non professionals still use DSLR's? And why?

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Re: Living in the past?

RedFox88 wrote:

Hatstand wrote:

These figures are from tests by I don't know how they measured those, but I can say subjectively, that I found little difference in performance between 600D and FZ150 for action photography. The image stabilisation on the FZ150 (subjectively again) is as good as I got from Canon lenses.

Those are nice numbers, but the quality of focus, image sensor/lens clarity are much different from an SLR to a P&S superzoom.

Hmm, are you sure you shoot action photography? Image stabilization is of little to no use for action photos because shutter speed are needed to be fast enough to freeze action which will also eliminate camera shake.

I would disagree with that. Image stabilization, especially at zoom distances, makes it easier to compose your shot with a stable image - assuming optical stabilization - and also lets the autofocus and metering work with a stable area of the shot instead of a jittery view that is harder for the camera to base its settings on.

I shoot action and I leave the IS turned on all the time - not to prevent camera shake in the images, but to give both me and the camera a better quality image to work with prior to the shot.

And you can always slap a better, higher quality lens on an SLR but with a P&S camera you are stuck with the lens that's on it. A teleconverter on a P&S isn't worth it for the results.

Very true.

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