Do you non professionals still use DSLR's? And why?

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Re: Living in the past?

Hatstand wrote:

ultimitsu wrote:

Hatstand wrote:

Shutter response: 600D 0.1 sec, FZ150 0.05 sec
Focus - wide, shutter response: 600D 0.2 sec, FZ150 0.15 sec
Focus - telephoto, shutter response: 600D 0.25 sec, FZ150 0.25 sec
Shot to shot - without flash: 600D 0.4-0.5 sec, FZ150 0.6 sec (~)
Shot to shot - with flash: 600D 0.6-0.7, FZ150 0.8 sec (~)
Continuous shooting - JPEG: 4fps, FZ150 5.5 fps
Continuous shooting - RAW: 600D 3fps (6 shots), FZ150 5.5 fps

This list missed one of the most important criteria for Action shooting - high iso quality.

600D can maintain "an SNR of 30dB while keeping a good dynamic range of 9 EVs and a color depth of 18bits" at iso 793 while FZ150 can only do the same at iso 132.

I didn't put it on the list because a) I consider that a factor for image quality, not action photography and b) I don't consider it important.

It has not stopped me taking photos of high speed action, and the FZ150's image quality is sufficient for my (modest) needs.

Allowing of course that your needs and others' needs will often be different, here's how I see it:

Shooting action requires dealing with the eternal triangle of f-stop vs. shutter speed vs. ISO setting. If you have a faster lens (like the FZ200), or if you have a sensor that handles higher ISO's cleanly, either of those takes pressure off the other two settings, making it easier to get action stopping shutter speed combined with a quieter / lower ISO setting.

There are two things that ruin an action photo for me - noise, and motion blur. A good high ISO is instrumental in reducing both of those. It's why I moved TO a DSLR and I haven't been disappointed. Besides, going the DSLR route in the long run can be cheaper than repeatedly buying bridge cameras as some people do. But for those who prefer to stay with a bridge, the FZ200 is going to be clearly the leader among bridge cams for action shooting.

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