Need Advice. X-E1 or OMD EM5 as FIRST SERIOUS CAMERA to learn Photography?

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Re: Need Advice. X-E1 or OMD EM5 as FIRST SERIOUS CAMERA to learn Photography?

DR5ZEE wrote:

Guys, I deeply thank everybodys views, opinions and suggestions. I have finally made my choice and "it" arrived today by mail. It was the Fuji.

First impressions:

1. I love the awesome retro look (got the silver+black btw). The ergonomics, the way is sits on my hand and the positioning of the dials are brilliant.

2. The X-E1's kit lens is truly superb. IMO with image stabilization and a wide aperture, this should be a benchmark of what a kit lens should be like.

3.The evf is very good indeed. The contrasts are excellent, but as expected a bit laggy in low light. (note I havent updated the firmware yet)

4. The menu is very simple and nicely detailed to navigate.

5.The battery + memory card compartment is a bit of a let down. Its made of plastic and feels a bit flimsy.

6.The OOC jpegs are simply amazing. Love the colors and the iq.

7. Now, about the autofocus. I was extremely scared and had my fingers crossed after all the bashing that the reviewers did on the X-E1. But, I still put my trust in it and frankly I didnt have much problem with it even in extremely low light. Well, it does hunt a bit, but when it gets the focus right, its absolutely spot on. (again, I havent updated the firmware yet.)

Now to list the reasons as to why I chose the X-E1 over the OMD EM5.

1. Service. I realised the Olympus service is quite non existant in India. Most of the retailers I spoke to and met not only said that they had no idea about the OMD but also said that the Olympus brand is dead here! This to me majorly swinged the tide in the X-E1's favour.

2. I know it shouldnt exactly be a reason, but the X-E1 in my opinion is much better looking than the OMD. The arguement can be further extended towards the ergonomics as well. Well, If Im shelling out this much, then what I gots gotta be good looking right?

3. I found reading all the opinions and reviews on the OMD, that it was some kind of Robot, that had some truly spectacular functions and features and this and that but ultimately, completely fell short and robbed users of the "experience". This is just my opinion, and im sure many of the OMD owners are proud and totally love it.

4. The kit-lens. The X-E1's kit lens is superb. Period.

Overall, I think theres very little to choose from between these two excellent cameras. I just wish most reviews werent biased. Now, I own the X-E1 and everything comes down to personal preference and I dont regret it one bit. I am truly astounded by this little piece of sexy Hardware and hope to keep it for years to come.


It's tough to choose between two great cameras, and there are very good reasons for buying either, but it comes down to personal subjective preference and practical issues like local availability and servicing.

Whatever the faults of the little Fuji, it takes truly excellent exposures and the composition is all down to you. If you are like me, then nothing else is as much fun to use.

Of course, others may think differently, and that's fine, but for what it's worth I completely understand the love affair Have fun.

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