Lighting door slabs in a studio?

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Re: Lighting door slabs in a studio?

Art director, eh?

So you know that you need to have a layout for the ad, flyer, folder, brochure, catalog page, whatever.

And you know that you need to match the shot to the layout.

DOOR SLAB: I figure that a door slab is the "wood" part of a door, such as you would find on the entrance to a house, covering the front of a closet, blocking the view into a bathroom, etc., BUT WITHOUT HARDWARE. No hinges, no knobs, no locks, and probably no artistic or decorative painting.

But there may be raised areas, designs where some of the door is thicker than other parts, etc.

So you have a 3 foot by 7 foot flat, couple of inches thick, unaccented subject.

If this was my project, I'd get some good idea of how these door slabs are displayed at retail (assuming they are)

My bet is that they are on a vertical rack, similar to how many retailers display rugs, or art galleries display low-end pictures.

Bottom line, standing on their bottoms, vertically, on an agle, looking sort fo like they were half open when installed, so you can see both the front surface and the edge that will eventually hold the lockset.


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