Considering moving from Pentax K-5 to EM5

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Re: I have both

BSmi067 wrote:

Thank Russ, and all of other folks who took the time to respond - much appreciated! I had considered the K-01 - problem with Pentax locally (Seattle) is getting hands-on - but I do like the style (it is certainly a love it or hate it kind of camera). I might dip my toes in the water and go for a GH2 and the 20mm - as the prices look good currently - perhaps add EM-5 and 12mm and 45mm later. Interesting that you kept the longer Pentax lenses Russ - if I stay with Pentax then the 300mm is on my list - I've been disappointed with the 55-300.

I have both as well. The GH2 is similar to the older Pentax K20d in terms of image quality. The K-5 is a noticeable step forward in dynamic range and high ISO. I always thought that the GH2 files were "brittle" - quickly showing noise in post-processing whereas the K-5 files could be pushed and pulled much more aggressively. The GH2 is ok though, and stays in my bag for its video quality.

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