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Re: Neither the E3...

Olympus is too small of a company to support 2 lens mounts (Heck, if even Sony can't make a profit in these economic times with their lens systems, what chance could Olympus have?). And even Nikon, as well, seems limited on supporting their APS-C lenses.

It doesn't make sense to divert their cameras and lenses into two camps. Their "drastic reduction" is almost certainly to mean their going to cut something severely, and I would say it's going to be the traditional DSLR design (i.e. the mirror and pentaprism). This is a pretty bold move for Olympus, as their history is longer than Sony's in terms of SLRs (Minolta notwithstanding), and this could very well mean "drastic" in the minds of the very traditionally-oriented Japanese culture. But it may not mean the end of 4/3 cameras or lenses.

The point is that if Olympus is going to survive in the shrinking camera industry they MUST be able to have all lenses work with their cameras going forward.

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