What has happened to Nikon?

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Re: Great cameras, Gold Awards, Standard Setting Image Quality, the Usual Stuff.

Reilly Diefenbach wrote:

Another thread where everyone with a Nikon problem the world over, all fifty of you, can huddle together and bitch about Nikon, hosted as usual by the peripatetic and indefatigable Robert. Have fun venting, boys, but know who you're hanging out with.

I shan't be back.

All this guy ever does is attack people (on several forums) that dare to mention Nikon may not be at the center of their universe.

Isn't this the very definition of fanboyism?

And back to the OP, you are right on the money. I chose to invest in Nikon as my first DSLR and the experience has been mixed to say the least. There's not much point in having the best sensors in the business if that aspect struggles to make it through other operational and reliability issues.

Nikon is showing all the hall marks of a company that has rationalized it's business model and cut costs in critical areas in order to maximize profits.

Business rationalization is an essential part of any company, but taking this too far is one of the worst possible things you can do if you care about long term market share, it's absolutely a "penny wise pound foolish" approach.

Too me, it appears that quality control is at an all time low, I am seriously considering getting rid of my Nikon gear and taking a more reliable option.

The fact that Nikon won't deal with other photography contractors is also extremely frustrating when problems arise, in NZ Nikon has the grand total of ONE sanctioned service center in the entire country!

They refuse to use any other outlet for even minor issues, it would actually be just as easy for me to send my camera to Australia for servicing than to the Auckland service center which is at the other end of the country.

I can't even get my sensor cleaned without voiding the damned warranty!!

Nikon = big regret for me.

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