What has happened to Nikon?

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Re: Keep hearing how great the D700 quality was

sandy b wrote:

compared to D600 oil spots. People have short memories, in 2009-2010 this forum went through the same upheaval over D700 oil stains, just google it and look at the hits. here is a representative thread: http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/post/35011294

there are many more. My point is not that its ok that Nikons QC allows this, but that after time the D700 is giver almost cult status, inspite of the early growing pains. Nikon fixed it back then, they will again. It is a pain they didn't learn from the D700, or the D7000, D3 or D2h (yes, them too, just google), but that in the end the d700 got the respect it deserved. Hopefully this happens with the D600.

Interesting you bring this up, Sandy, as I had just posted in this thread elsewhere that I had major issues with my D700 and oil and dust issues. In the 14,000 actualtions and 2 years of owning my D700, I had sent it in 4 times for quite major oil/dust contamination, certainly as bad as the D600 owners have been showing us. I probably would have had it cleaned more regularly but I hoped that letting it build up would mean needing to get it cleaned less frequently in the future, which really wasn't the case.

However, the D700 was such a good camera that I just accepted it and got on with it and had it cleaned regularly. The point is, it would probably have needed a few cleans anyway in that time as dust does get into cameras, but the oil issue is an internal problem that really shouldn't have been occuring.

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