What has happened to Nikon?

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Re: My biggest problem with Nikon is me...

FtoDin5min wrote:

When I first got these D800s and had not heard about this left AF issue, hence having no doubt in my mind about the efficiency of the AF, I was banging my head about why I could not get a good picture out of my brand new super duper D800. It could only be me, but again, it was not like I did not have any technique behind.

Interestingly, I seem to have come through a similar process, but from a different direction and with a slightly different outcome to this point. Although I had heard about the left AF issue and some other AF concerns, I was unwilling to jump to any conclusions about my beautiful new D800E that would require me to let it out of my sight long enough for Nikon to adjust it (even if that required only a few days). Therefore, when I experienced inconsistent AF, I worked on my technique so that I could be sure I was not causing my own troubles.

So, only doubting me, I tweaked my technique, learned the settings that suited me best. And it was a real learning curve. It took a couple of months. During these two months, the left AF issue came out. I bought lensalign and reikan focal, AF fine tune my bodies, became crazy and tested and retested my left sensors... looked like I didn't have the dreaded issue.

My effort to tweak my technique slowed me down and made me more careful about all aspects of my picture taking. This has been a very enjoyable experience that has resulted in photos that are not only more consistently sharply focused, but also more consistently well composed with more interesting interactions between elements.

Result is:

- I had to really adjust my technique and settings preferences

- A little of AF Fine tune

and now I have tack sharp pictures on a very consistent basis. I do have occasional misses but really not many and can never say what the causes of them are...

The different outcome for me is that I discovered that I do, indeed, have the left AF issue, but not in an extreme form. I brought the camera to Nikon Canada (which is about a 30 minute drive from my workplace) on Monday, receiving a promise that I will hear back from them within 5 to 10 business days.

Overall, once you really learn how to use this camera, it is truly unbelievable. But there is a very steep learning curve.

There is no doubt that some left AF problem exist, and by the sound of it Nikon service really sucks (I was myself less than impressed with their response to the polarization issue).

I suspect that this problem with Nikon service is perhaps limited to Nikon USA. Photographers from Japan, Europe (France, Switzerland and UK) and Canada have posted about much better service; and my prior experience with Nikon Canada has been fully satisfactory.

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