What has happened to Nikon?

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Re: What has happened to Nikon?

Klindar wrote:

Both Nikon and Canon are saying (if not by word, then deed) that the future of DSLRs and high end photography is FX. DX and APS-C will fall under the onslaught of mirrorless and toy cameras. Nikon's strategy seems to lie in pushing down the price of FX so as to bail out the serious photographers still hanging onto DX.

Uhhh, show me where Nikon has recently introduced an FX camera that at least as well as the D300 and goes at least as fast as the D300 (8fps with grip)?  Not only have they not pushed anything from FX down into the DX price territory that does what the D300 does.  In fact, they haven't even introduced an FX camera in the last four years other than the $6000 D3/D4 series that can do what the D300 does.

So Nikon is nowhere even close to providing high-end DX shooters with an FX alternative.  Your hypothesis appears to be just completely wrong if you shoot action of any kind.

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