What has happened to Nikon?

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Re: Delay purchase based on forum chatter: a sad fail.

moving_comfort wrote:

nathantw wrote:

I've been dying to buy the D800 because that's the camera I've been waiting for but after seeing all the complaints I decided to wait for its successor and for Nikon to get their s**t together. It's too bad because Nikon did have a great reputation and deservedly so during their film years.



Personally I think you've shot yourself in the foot.

There's a lot of hysteria, a lot of false information, a lot of trolling, etc. If you've delayed a purchase of something as great as a D800 based on this forum, you've done yourself a disservice.

You're probably right. I keep looking at the D800 really wanting one, but so hesitant. I almost ran to the store today after reading yours and another poster's response thinking you're correct, but $3k is still a lot of money to be dropping down for what may or may not be a crap-shoot.

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