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jdurant wrote:

This might be the wrong forum area, but does anyone have any experience with scanning services. I have several boxes of old photos and negatives that I would like to scan (probably only some, not all). Can anyone recommend a scanning service? Would I be better off by a dedicated scanner such as a Canon Canoscan 9000f? I have an all in one printer/scanner at the moment, but I would like to create better copies of my old, pre-digital photos.


I'll enter the fray here:

Almost any scanner will give you good results with your prints.  Maybe some fidgiting but no big deal.

Negs are another issue.  For professional level scanning a dedicated film scanner will be better than most flatbeds.  By most I mean everything you'll normally see on the web.  This is expensive.  For a very special shot I'd suggest going to a lab that uses a virtual drum or equivalent to get the best results.

If you go with a flatbed I srongly suggest getting one of these film holders:

because of the small size of the 35mm neg you want a scanner that has a very high native (not interpolated) resolution.  Someone mentioned the v700 - v750 from epson.

And checkout vuescan software.  The site also has good links.  The software will enable multisampling and harware file reduction - these can make a big difference in the outcome.

An alternative would be using a macro lens and a lightbox and photographing the negs and slides.

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