Yet another "prints-darker-than-screen" but with a twist...!

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Re: My Dell IPS is set to 80 cd/m2

Gilgames wrote:

Gilgames wrote:

rodbam wrote:

I've calibrated with the Colormunki Yet I still add a small curves adjustment to brighten the print a tad to match my prints.

I suppose we have to increase the room lighting if we want a brighter monitor.
Regards Rod

So what you are saying is that even with 80 cd/m2 brightness, you still sometimes need to brighten your pictures to print?

Could I ask about the lighting conditions in your workspace? Just to be able to compare with mine.

Well true, if everything else fails (that is, if I can't set my monitor lower than 120 cd/m2) I suppose strategically increasing my room's lighting would be beneficial!

Also, since you have your screen calibrated for 80 cd/m2, could you please visit and tell me if you can distinguish all of the squares in the first row, and if not, which ones are indistinguishable? I would like to have an idea of if/how much a darker screen "crushes" shadows even when calibrated. Thank you very much in advance.

Not to be harsh but:

What you are interested in is a good print - not seeing squares.  You've read the prior posts and know you have to calibrate your monitor to a lower white point.  If 85 is too low try 90 or 100.  Also try a temp of d50 or d55. Try a gamma of 2.2 or 1.8 or 2.  You need a calibrator and you have the info. Go to town.

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