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I'm a dedicated Lightroom user, presets, automation, etc -- but I'm wondering if this Digital Lens Optimizer will be so good that DPP might take me back there to use -- if so, I hope Canon shares with Adobe so they can implement in Lightroom

btw- I use photomechanic for weddings to cull in 1-3 sec per photo and then take 800 into lightroom from the 2000 or thereabouts.

When people say d800 is cheaper than the new 5d3 I'm getting -- I smile because I want to see their overhead costs on 1) cards, 2) computer storage, 3) DVD storage; 4) computer speed, 5) overall time -- and of course hi iso without flash

the cost of the camera folks ain't the overall cost. Canon will win with this big time in my opinion once people start realizing overall cost versus value...

The EOS 5D Mark III comes complete with the most advanced version of Digital Photo Professional (DPP) yet – Canon's free, in-box software enabling high-speed, high quality processing of RAW images. New in DPP v3.11 is Digital Lens Optimizer – a revolutionary new tool designed to drastically improve image resolution.

Digital Lens Optimizer (DLO) precisely imitates lens performance, with a series of complex mathematical functions replicating each stage of the journey of light through the optical path. Using this information DLO can correct a range of typical optical aberrations and loss of resolution caused by a camera's low pass filter, by applying an inverse function to each shot to take the image nearer to how the scene appears to the naked eye. This creates exceptionally detailed, high-quality images with highly manageable file sizes, providing photographers with maximum image quality and greater flexibility.

Weird post. Starts as a useful reference to something I was not aware of - DLO - I guess I will give DPP a try. Then a completely unrelated criticism of the D800 and finally a Canon advert for DPP. Oh and a tiny (again unrelated) reference to weddings squeezed in the middle.

Sorry if I sound rude - I don't mean to be. It's just I was hoping for some information regarding DLO in relation to wedding photography - as the post title suggests. I use Lightroom and if DPP provides an advantage in some way maybe it would be worth using. It would have to be substantially better than previous version since they were so terrible which is why I (and many others) use Lightroom/Aperture etc.

this was when DLO first came out.

after this - I tried it

no advantage

stick with Lightroom

Understood and thanks.

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