Qimage for Printing vs LR4

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Re: Qimage for Printing vs LR4

homerlsmith wrote:

Depends - but in most cases I simply do what I need to do in LR and then open Qi and pop the file(s) into the queue - make any final minor tweaks, double check printer and profile settings and print. Works for me because of the file structure I use for saving the photo files to my computer. When I open Qi I basically see exactly what I see in the Library in LR. I basically use LR to manage my library and and for editing functions and moving the file into a another editor (like Photomatix). I no longer shoot weddings or events (whew - after shooting thousands) and I suppose if I did I might find a need to alter that process some. Actually - in some cases I just go directly to Qi and edit there and print. As Joe mentioned earlier - one of the beauties of Qi is being able to save the print job so you can very quickly return to it time and time again and get the exact same result. That is ideal, for instance, for repetitively reproducing an art print exactly the same way.

Don't get me wrong - I really like LR4. But I really, really like Qi.

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If I decide to edit the image in LR, I need to move edited image from LR into Qimage, correct, to print ?

As computer file folders images are raw and LR only saves the edits made to those images.

I understand that I can edit in Qimage, but if I choose not to, then as I said above, a fully edited image from LR needs to go to Qimage in order to print.

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