What has happened to Nikon?

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Re: My biggest problem with Nikon is me...

gomoku wrote:

FtoDin5min wrote:

So, only doubting me, I tweaked my technique, learned the settings that suited me best. And it was a real learning curve. It took a couple of months. During these two months, the left AF issue came out. I bought lensalign and reikan focal, AF fine tune my bodies, became crazy and tested and retested my left sensors... looked like I didn't have the dreaded issue.

Result is:

- I had to really adjust my technique and settings preferences

- A little of AF Fine tune

and now I have tack sharp pictures on a very consistent basis.

Kudos to someone who is able to admit this. Most of us have had to step up our game to get the most out of our D800. I am confident the D800 AF issue is in reality a very mixed bag of all sorts of things. A steep learning curve is one of them.

Thanks:) I really think it is normal to admit inexperience!! It is the main reason I come here, get info, advice, etc...

it doesn't mean the bodies are problem free, it just means that people really have a lot of work to do before really being able to say whether the problems come from them or the camera. Unfortunately, most people won't admit that either to the forums or even to themselves. And again, to be honest, I would probably have blamed the camera as well if I had read all these posts before doing my homework. It really took me 2 months to get to good results...

Unfortunately these forums do not allow us to sort out the good and the bad. Again, this camera is extremely demanding at the beginning (at least it was to me) and most people do not realize that... It almost has the ability of a medium format and looks and feel like any other semi-pro dslr. If it did look and feel like a MF, most people would realize the technical curve and work on their technique first to move into this new 'world'. Because the D800 looks like any other FF/DX, users just assume it is just an improved version of their previous camera which is not the case... In a way, I felt Nikon kind of warned prospective buyers in their marketing when they launched the D800: it really isn't for everyone and every use (although I am now looooooving it for family snaps)...


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