Who Do We Trust for Bottled Printer Ink

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Re: Who Do We Trust for Bottled Printer Ink

jtoolman wrote:


My printers are always ink guzzlers , and they pump it all out before I have time to make a print .

I just want to buy some safe ink for them . ( only one actually , but that is one then another one , then another , etc , etc , ) .

Please feel free to jump in here and really make a list and make any special notes about if there is a phone number and some one to talk to and are they good on price , things like that that really matter .

Thanks a couple of dozens for all good advice .


No way to answer!

What printer / printers makes and models are you talking about.

Inks have very different properties depending on Brand and even between models.

There is no such think as Universal Inks. Well there is but they are lying.

Not all can be refilled.

My previous printer was the Canon iP5000 . I guess I starved it for ink and it told me where to go . I sent it to dead printer heaven .

recently I replaced it with this Canon iP3600 , which seems to never stop pumping ink out the bottom of the print head , So I want to have plenty of cheap waste-able ink for it to satisfy it's addictive ink wasting pass time .

I would probably be happy if I could switch the tanks to some cheap print head friendly liquid before I start it . and just when it decides it is tired of pumping ink out the bottom I could switch the real ink tanks back in and let it make a print or whatever I need on the real ink .

Thank you jtoolman  ,

I have already squirted some ink from some tanks I had left over from the dead iP5000 . and I got a little teeny bit of cyan in the yellow , so as you might imagine my color prints are all green , even the skin is green .

If you ever want to make some strange alien intity prints , send them over here and I can do it .

I can just take a few minutes , and it will pump all the green out , nothing to worry over .


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