What the 75mm 1.8 is good for

Started Feb 15, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: What the 75mm 1.8 is good for

hindesite wrote:

FW Scharpf wrote:

And it is great for nature details (but how I wish that it would allow even closer focus).

Exactly the way I feel about the 45/1.8; great lens, wish it would focus closer for nature details.

When out hiking I use a two-element Nikon T4 closeup filter on my 45 and it works beautifully - much lighter to carry than my 500 gm Tamron macro, and nearly as good for resolution and rendering. This little guy is about 5 cm high. My guess is that such a filter would be fine on the 75 as well with the right sized stepping ring - and would give even closer magnification given that the magnification effect increases with increasing focal length of the lens on which it is used

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