Going on Safari - but which camera XS-1 or Nikon D700?

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Re: EM5 for sure....

marike6 wrote:

In fact, the OP has one of the best FF DSLRs ever made, a camera that excels at capturing fast action, landscape images, and because of the D3 sensor, extreme low-light images. Why on earth would he go out and buy an E-M5 and a bunch of expensive m43 glass when he owns such a camera?

I realize people are anxious to show their gear choices and preferences, but do you honestly think the above answer was on topic, and at all helpful?

I agree. I've always been mystified at how readily people will entrust OTHERS' money or photo opportunities to what they think is a good enough camera. I've seen people recommend others to spend $600 on a camera about which many have posted with serious issues, saying 'Don't worry, it's great! Buy it!'. Incredible.

And sending someone off on a maybe once in a lifetime trip while telling him to use a lesser camera? I don't want to be the person who said that, when they come home and their shots just do not make them happy.

I agree that the OP ought to take his Nikon. It's a fantastic camera and he has the chance of a lifetime to use it to full benefit. If I were him I would never in a million years look for a lesser camera to bring along in its place.

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