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Re: Reflections...

In all fairness to Nikon, there is no Canon 7D Mark II here either, at least not yet, or maybe never. So, Nikon has no one to compete against in this segment other than... Nikon. I'm inclined to believe that there is some degree of coordination, not to say collusion, between the two. The products are released very nearly in lockstep.

The real problem with Nikon is not so much that they are missing certain products but that some of the products they brought to the market didn't enhance their reputation due to all the negative publicity on this and other forums. So, suppose D400 appears within a few months, -- would everyone who jumped to pre-order D800/600 and got subsequently burnt will become an early adopter again? I doubt it.

As for Sigma lenses missing in Nikon lineup, who knows, maybe they decided that 70-200 + 1.4x TC is as good as a native 100-300 f4, or 300mm f2.8 works well enough not to bother with the zoom. Sigma has some very high quality products, and it is not a given that Nikon would be able to either compete at a similar price point or deliver a product so obviously better that the fans would pay nearly double. There is some variation in quality of individual copies of Sigma lenses, but it is present with Nikon lenses too. And, unlike Nikon, Sigma is working hard to make its reputation stronger both with the recent product releases and with a high quality, customer friendly service. Sigma is doing rather well.

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