Going on Safari - but which camera XS-1 or Nikon D700?

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Re: EM5 for sure....

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EM5 Panasonic 100-300 and Oly 12mm f/2...I would have to carry the 75mm f/1.8 as well, just couldn't leave it behind...

Why would you bring an EM-5 which has extremely poor AF Tracking abilities and a mediocre Panasonic 100-300 zoom that's soft at 300mm? That's makes about as much sense as going out and buying an X-S1 when you already have a far superior camera in the D700.

Why on earth would you need C-AF for subjects that often stand still in the savannah? The E-M5 auto-focusing can easily handle moving objects as well. C-AF is not a pre-requisite for shooting moving subjects, especially large animals which are easy to capture using S-AF on any camera.

If you are were shooting static subjects, or taking travel photos that would be one thing, but none of the m43 cameras are any good at AF Tracking. So bringing one in favor of a camera that has awesome PDAF, and better IQ on a once in a lifetime photo trip is a poor idea. If it's reach the OP needs, all he has to do is rent or buy a proper telephoto meant for professional use.

You don't need the best gear to get the best photo's. A camera like the E-M5 or X-S1 will get you stunning photo's if you know how to use them. Not having to change lenses in a dusty environment is a massive plus, as is not having to cart around heavy and expensive gear. Of course some people will take bland shots whatever gear they have so it doesn't really matter either way.

If I were going, I'd take the D700 (or my D800) and possibly a D7000 which will give you a bit more reach due to the crop sensor. All three of these cameras will give you far better IQ than an EM5, much better low-light performance, and richer, better looking colors.

Quality images are far more important than "IQ" and that's purely down to the photographer.

We have no idea whether subjects will be moving or not.

But as I said, it's not that the EM-5 is a bad camera.  It's a very good camera.  But the point is that the OP already owns the D700, one of the finest FF DSLRs ever made.   And he didn't ask which $1299 camera and $2000 in m43 lenses should he buy for safari, but he asked a very specific question: Should he bring his D700 w/ 70-200 2.8 or an X-S1?

He said nothing about any other cameras.  m43 fans seem to want to talk about their gear at every opportunity, but this thread is not one of those opportunities.

Doesn't it annoy you personally when you ask specific questions, and someone gives an answer from left field, with no relevance at all to what was asked?

Here's an example of this kind of poster:

Question:  "I have a Nikon Coolpix, but want an better compact.  Should I buy a S100 or LX7?"

Answer:  "Neither you should buy a DSLR because all 1/1/7" sensor cameras have much worse quality than a DSLR".

In this thread the OP didn't say anything about spending $3000 on m43 gear as the above posted suggested (EM-5, 100-300, 12 f2, and 75 1.8).  The answer "E-M5 For Sure" was just obnoxious and quite silly considering the price of what the camera/lenses he was suggesting and the fact that the D700/70-200 2.8 combo has better IQ and AF performance by a mile than the EM-5, and the OP already owns it.

In fact, the OP has one of the best FF DSLRs ever made, a camera that excels at capturing fast action, landscape images, and because of the D3 sensor, extreme low-light images.  Why on earth would he go out and buy an E-M5 and a bunch of expensive m43 glass when he owns such a camera?

I realize people are anxious to show their gear choices and preferences, but do you honestly think the above answer was on topic, and at all helpful?

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