Wisconsin Capitol Building with D800

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Re: Wisconsin Capitol Building with D800

Arsen wrote:

I am very impressed with the pictures. Breathtaking. Can I ask you some technical questions to help with my interior photography. I shoot interiors as a Real Estate broker. With your HDR, how many bracket shots do you use 3,5,7,9?. Also Do you use Nik HDR or Photomatrix to create the HDR images. Do you shoot in manual or AV mode. If in manual do you use spot, matrix or EV metering?

Thanks Arsen...

The number of shots in the bracket is determined by the coverage I need to cover the dynamic range in the scene. I usually go with 5 (one stop apart). But, if there is particularly bright light in the scene (such as streaming in from the windows) I will go with 7. I also tend to dial in negative exposure compensation if the scene has bright light. I want to make sure that my highlights aren't blown in the lowest exposure image within the bracket.

I use Nik HDR Pro 2 now. I've used Photomatix in the past, but have transitioned to Nik for most of the plug-ins that I use.  I think both Photomatix and HDR Pro are very good.

I shoot in aperture priority mode for these. I'll usually go with f/8 for a scene with nothing in the immediate foreground. When there are railings or other items within a few feet of my lens, I'll usually focus at the hyperfocal distance. With the 14mm focal length, I can focus at something like 3 feet and have everything from 2 feet to infinity in focus!

Of course, a tripod is practically a must for these! At ISO 100 and f/11, I often shoot with 30 second exposures. And, it's important to keep the camera perfectly still for the highest quality HDR merges. I also use Mirror Lock Up with a cable release for the shots. And, with the Nikon camera, I activate Long Exposure Noise Reduction while shooting.

For exposure, I use matrix. But, for me the mode isn't really important as I am constantly reviewing the histogram and then making exposure compensation adjustments.

I hope this helps...and, thanks again for your kind words!


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