Olympus trys to Calm our fears once more

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Re: What does Nikon have to do with Olympus?

Marty4650 wrote:

OK... you provided a link that shows Nikon is still selling 20 year old film cameras. Great. What does that have to do with whether Olympus is still producing the E-5 or merely selling from existing inventory from production runs three years ago?

Are you certain that Nikon is "still producing" those cameras or is just "still selling off remaining inventories?"

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Just out of curiosity I looked it up.. There are on the Nikon pages listed two film cameras the F6 and the FM10. They can both be purchased from B&H and are in stock – when I looked. Wikipedia says that the FM10 is actually manufactured by Cosina and was based on one of their bodies: however, they also say that the F6 is a genuine Nikon product manufactured in a Nikon factory, I believe, in Japan.

There are a couple points that rhlpetrus might have been alluding to – 1. That Olympus abandoned OM and now is leaving DSLR behind; or 2. Olympus may continue to make the E-5 available for the next decade and still claim to support DSLR.. But then he probably should be answering this himself... I'm just kibitzing..

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