Olympus trys to Calm our fears once more

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Re: What does Nikon have to do with Olympus?

Marty4650 wrote:

OK... you provided a link that shows Nikon is still selling 20 year old film cameras. Great. What does that have to do with whether Olympus is still producing the E-5 or merely selling from existing inventory from production runs three years ago?

Are you certain that Nikon is "still producing" those cameras or is just "still selling off remaining inventories?"

Just out of curiosity I looked it up.. There are on the Nikon pages listed two film cameras the F6 and the FM10. They can both be purchased from B&H and are in stock – when I looked. Wikipedia says that the FM10 is actually manufactured by Cosina and was based on one of their bodies: however, they also say that the F6 is a genuine Nikon product manufactured in a Nikon factory, I believe, in Japan.

There are a couple points that rhlpetrus might have been alluding to – 1. That Olympus abandoned OM and now is leaving DSLR behind; or 2. Olympus may continue to make the E-5 available for the next decade and still claim to support DSLR.. But then he probably should be answering this himself... I'm just kibitzing..

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