Who Do We Trust for Bottled Printer Ink

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Re: Who Do We Trust for Bottled Printer Ink


My printers are always ink guzzlers , and they pump it all out before I have time to make a print .

I just want to buy some safe ink for them . ( only one actually , but that is one then another one , then another , etc , etc , ) .

Please feel free to jump in here and really make a list and make any special notes about if there is a phone number and some one to talk to and are they good on price , things like that that really matter .

Thanks a couple of dozens for all good advice .


I use inkjetcarts inks for all my Epson Printers -- 2200, two R800. and 3880. The 3880 is the last and started around 5 months ago. The others have been used now for several years. Never a problem and excellent Printed Photos.

(personal information edited out by moderator)

Edit to add: I should have mentioned that I load and reset the empty OEM cartridges for the 2200 and one R800, the other R800 is equipped with a CIS (also from Inkjetcarts) and I use the Cone Refillable 80 Ml cartridges for the 3880.

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