How limiting is lack of image stabilization in Pany bodies?

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Re: How limiting is lack of image stabilization in Pany bodies?

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One more thing. I come from the Dark Ages before digital and I managed to hand hold some long and heavy lenses back then...I also learned that a tripod could be my best friend.

Careful, some IBIS fanboy is going to say he can outshoot you even though you have good technique.

Well, this "fanboy" also has good technique, so all else being equal, I can definitely outshoot someone who doesn't have IS...

Yes, I also held (and still hold) long & heavy telephoto lenses, it's just that with IS I have a far greater percentage of keepers without having to carry around a tripod. What's not to like about that?

Gees I keep saying "Depends" in m4/3. Again it depends a lot on technique and what is used and also the subjects.

Heck all this "I can out shoot you" rubbish with IBIS is downright silly. It simply depends !!. I also hand hold long fast lenses, 300 and 500, but I also use fast shutter speeds, so IBIS is a waste of time. The 800mm you won't hand hold and needs a tripod, again IBIS is a waste of time since you mention long tele lenses. You can't lift the darn thing to start with and focus It comes down to technique and IBIS will not help you one bit.

All the best and yep.......... it depends


it's not 'outshoot' in the sense that IS makes a photographer take great pictures like all of a sudden they know how to compose and frame the best. it's in the sense that if there are two photographers both skilled in technique and photography, shooting handheld, in multiple scenarios the photographer with IS (whether in lens or IBIS) can get a better shot (as in better shutter speed and lower ISO's). having a tripod at all times is not the way it goes for many photographers because of what where and when they are shooting.

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