What has happened to Nikon?

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I am one step away from making it a legal affair.

I' ve had the extreme dust and oil and it still isn't over after after two repairs...

I still have the coating coming off after two repairs.

Nikon admits there is an oil issue but refuses to do anything else but clean as long as Japan does not come up with a fix. Nikon silences the coating coming off: it ignores it completely.

The retailer is caught by this Nikon attitude and fears to lose money on the deal. In turn, it refuses to give me my money back, but at the same time admits it cannot guarantee a new d600 would solve the issues.

Basically, t

hey want me to take the loss. And I refuse.

I will allow them to deliver another d600 under the condition that a second failure means I will get my my money back. It looks like they will not except this final option. Very likely, court will be the only way to solve this matter.

I know, this is just one case. But you asked what was happening...


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