I'm trading my D800 for a D3.

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I've been toying with idea for sometime now, and I found a local guy that has a D3 with 40K actuations on it that I think I'm gonna trade my D800 for. My D800 has about 9500 actuations on it. I sold my D3 to buy the D800 and feel like I've regretted doing so. Bottom line is to many pixels, not as good as high ISO, and I'm getting to many "oof" images from it. I'm a wedding photographer, and to be honest, I haven't found one instance that having all those pixels has helped me. I think the D800 is a great camera, I just don't think it the right camera for me. Your thoughts?



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Fair enough, if you don't need the pixels that makes sense. But you are wrong about the D800 having worse high ISO. It's better than the D3, and more detailed. You are looking at an image 100% on your monitor aren't you...This isn't comparing like for like.

just look at that....



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